Adam Cornell - author and designer

Adam Cornell was born in upstate New York but spent some of his life in Louisiana, which he considers his second home. He began writing in grade school and could never kick the habit. He has previously written a screenplay and television pilot, both of which never got past the first stages of production. Adam has previously worked on the air as a radio personality utilizing the name Adam Speed while in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, LA as well as Elmira, NY. He has also made a career in the field of graphic design, working at several ad agencies along with other companies in the printing, housewares and automotive industries. Adam currently lives with his wife and three children in Watertown, NY. A is for Amazon as in Amazon dot com. A great place to find Adam Cornell's books. T is for Tesla, about whom Adam Cornell has written two books with a third on the way. C is for Catskills, the first book written by Adam Cornell. F is for facebook, where you can interact with Adam Cornell Space, the final frontier. . . boldly go. W is for Watetown, New York, the city where Adam Cornell currently resides. Watertown, Massachutsettes if you're a stalker.