Some come to escape the city life. Others come to escape their past. Sometimes there’s no escaping it.


The Northern Catskill Mountains have always held a certain mystique and draw for those who just want to leave it all behind.


Those who call the Catskills home have grown accustomed to the peace and serenity. But every few decades the outside world finds its way in, with violent consequences.


Chance encounters, family secrets, destructive relationships and the forces of nature all combine for an explosive ending that could only happen in The Catskills.


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466 pages

Hudson Jade & Steele Publishing

ISBN-13: 978-0985316532

ISBN-10: 0985316535

BISAC: Fiction / Suspense






A bullet can cast a long shadow. . .


Coopers Hollow, NY was once known for its quiet, serenity, nestled in the northern Catskill Mountains, away from the crime and violence of the big city. But Coopers Hollow has a violent past of its own. A past with a flood of deadly secrets.


Police chief, Jack McMurphy knows first hand, how quickly the calm can be shattered by acts of savagery. When past mistakes are laid bare, and new enemies threaten the peace, McMurphy finds himself battling against impossible odds, to protect his childhood home and the woman he loves.


With his trademark blend of action, suspense and well-crafted characters, Adam Cornell returns with this thrilling sequel to The Catskills.


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510 pages

Hudson Jade & Steele Publishing

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ISBN-10: 0985316586

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A Cavalier Family Adventure

Nikola Tesla is one of the world’s most amazing inventors that most people haven’t heard of. Elina Cavalier and her brother Tipp certainly hadn’t. Not until they found one of Tesla’s machines in the basement of their great-grandfather’s island mansion. They and the world are about to find out just how important one of Tesla’s inventions really is. . .

. . . it’s about time.


A great family adventure full of mystery, intrigue, science and history. The story takes place in New York and spans the generations of the Cavalier family. It follows the adventures through the eyes of Elina and Tipp, a ten and eight year old sister and brother. They are the great-grandchildren of an eccentric multi-millionaire. When their parents must leave them in his care under mysterious circumstances, they find themselves pulled into a tangle of peril they could never have foreseen, and may not even survive! Discover The Tesla Connection today!


Selected as a "Notable Novel" in the category of Middle Grade Reader for the 2013 Shelf Unbound Writing Competition for Best Indie Books.


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252 pages

Hudson Jade & Steele Publishing

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ISBN-10: 0985316543

BISAC: Juvenile Fiction / Fantasy






A Cavalier Family Adventure

Tesla’s inventions have rewritten history. Just how much has been rewritten, Elina and Tipp Cavalier are about to find out. On the run from an unknown force, the Cavalier children find themselves, once again, in over their heads. Can the past be rewritten? Is the future etched in stone? Time will tell.


This is the exciting sequel to The Tesla Connection, which found brother and sister Tipp and Elina Cavalier hurled back in time, after inadvertently switching on a machine of Nikola Tesla’s making. But time travel has consequences. . . .


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292 pages

Hudson Jade & Steele Publishing

ISBN-13: 978-0985316563

ISBN-10: 098531656X

BISAC: Juvenile Fiction / Fantasy







The safety pin was invented by Walter Hunt in 1849 in Northern New York. At least that’s the story in the history books. But there’s another version of the story which you probably have not heard.


It all started when Pinter met Pinnelope.


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24 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1511558303

ISBN-10: 151155830X

BISAC: Juvenile Fiction / Historical / United States / 19th Century